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Best Games Similar to Planet Coaster

Best Games Similar to Planet Coaster

Rollercoaster Tycoon

In Rollercoaster Tycoon, the player must design a theme park to attract customers and make a profit. The player can build roller coasters, thrill rides, shops, and other attractions to achieve the goal. Using a variety of different tools, the player can create a park that matches his or her imagination.


In Minecraft, the player has a blocky world to explore and can create structures out of textured cubes. The player can add to the world by mining materials from the environment and crafting them into blocks. The player can also add to the world by killing mobs and harvesting their parts to create tools and other items.

Anno 2070

In Anno 2070, the player controls a corporation in a dystopian future. The player must build a colony on a newly-discovered earth-like planet, while also developing technologies for use in the new world. The player competes with other organisations to explore the planet's resources and to build new facilities.


In Subnautica, the player takes the role of a lone individual on a quest to find a new home on a remote, aquatic alien planet. The player explores the planet, surviving the dangers of the water and various other species on land. The player must create a functioning base and a vehicle to explore the world.

23 Aug 2023